Polyacetal (POM)

Polyacetal (POM)


POM also known as Polyacetal and Delrin. This is highly crystalline thermoplastic with a high level of stability and rigidity as well as exhibits good sliding properties. POM-C has excellent sliding properties and good wear resistance, together with its other outstanding properties, POM-C is well suited for sliding applications with medium to high loads. This also applies to applications where high levels of humidity or wetness are to be expected. POM-C is not resistant to UV rays, UV rays, in combination with atmospheric oxygen, oxidize the surface, and discoloration occurs or the surface become matt. If the material is subject to the effects UV rays for a long time, it tends to become brittle.


  • Spring elements
  • Bushes
  • Gear wheels
  • Sliding elements
  • Insulators
  • Pump components
  • Casing parts
  • Valve and valve bodies
  • Counter parts
  • Precision parts etc etc

Main Properties

The main benefits of POM are

  1. High stability, rigidity and hardness.
  2. Good impact resistance even at low temperature.
  3. Low moisture absorption.
  4. Good creep resistance.
  5. High dimension stability.
  6. Good resistance to hydrolysis.
  7. Excellent Machineability.
  8. Good electric and dielectric properties.
  9. Suitable for food industries (physiologically safe).