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Phenolic Cotton and Phenolic paper

Laminate manufactured from extra fine and super extra fine cotton mesh impregnated with phenolic resin binder,under pressure and heat.This kind of thermoset composite material has proved to be perfect for parts requiring outstanding mechanical strength and electrical properties for machinery, electrometer and electrical appliance. Mechanical grades of fabric reinforced phenolic rods and sheets are available in different grades like :

F1 Grade manufactured from fine weave cotton fabric and has good electrical and mechanical properties that are suitable for small components, such as instrument gears and intricate machined parts.

F2 Grade manufactured from medium weave cotton fabric and has superior machining and punching properties, also suitable for small parts.

F3 Grade manufactured from coarse weave cotton fabric has strong and tough machining properties suitable for heavy duty gears and high impact strength applications.

F4 Grade manufactured from medium weave fabric has good dye electrical properties and medium mechanical strength. Suitable applications like amateur wedges, generator slot wedges, insulation and back bar support etc..

Applications – Insulating parts for electric generators, electric motor and power distribution cabinet, transformer insulating oil, abrasion resistant washer, bearing housing, gear and trennion for electrical motor and electric generator.

The main benefits of cotton laminates are :

  1. Prominent mechanical strength, oil resistance and di-electric properties
  2. Excellent inertness to all kinds of solvents and acid chemical medicine
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