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Polyacetal (POM)

POM also known as polyacetal is a highly crystalline thermoplastic with high level of stability and rigidity as well as good sliding properties and wear resistance, together with its other outstanding properties.

POM-C is well suited for sliding application with medium to high loads. This also applies to applications where high level of humidity or wetness are to be expected.

A distinction is made between copolymers (POM-C) and homopolymers (POM-H), homopolymers have a higher density, hardness and dimensional stability due to their higher degree and crystallinity, however copolymers have a higher impact resistance and greater abrasion resistance. Therefore, this material is the ideal substitute for copper, coated zinc, steel and other metallic materials.


Application –Gears, Bearing, impeller blades, spring elements, valves and valve bodies, pump components, precision parts, insulators, rollers and parts for sliding windows.

The main properties of POM are

  1. High stability, rigidity and hardness
  2. Load impact resistance even at low temperature
  3. Low moisture absorption and no pores
  4. Good grip resistance
  5. High dimensional stability
  6. Good electrical and dielectric properties
  7. Suitable for food industries
  8. High thermal and chemical resistance
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