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FKM Rubber Sheet

Polyethylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high toughness and chemical resistance. The individual polyethylene differs in regards to their molecular weight, which determines the respective physical properties of each grade.

HDPE (PE-300)- also known as high density polyethylene, has a molecular mass of approximately 200,000 g/mol is suitable for welding applications due to its low molecular mass, however it is not suitable for sliding applications.

Application:-Pump body, valve and medical equipment, Water conservancy facilities and water tank, parts for food manufacturing equipment.

HMWPE (PE-500) – also known as high molecular weight polyethylene, has a molecular mass of approximately 500,000 g/mol, has better sliding properties than HDPE because it has higher molecular mass and is also more abrasion resistant than PE-300 grade.

Application:-Cutting table surfaces, Agitator blades, Refrigeration room wall linings, Knife blocks.

UHMWPE (PE-1000) – also known as ultra-high molecular weight  polyethylene, has a molecular mass of approximately 4,500,000 g/mol, giving it a very good wear resistance, bending strength and impact resistance.

Excellent sliding properties and low sliding abrasion makes it an ideal material for lightly loaded  components.

Application – Product wheels and pinions, Chain guides, Conveyor trough lining, Chute linings for silos for grain storage.

The main properties of PE are

  1. Lower density compared to other plastics (0.94gms/cm3)
  2. High impact resistance even at low temperature
  3. Minimum water absorption (<0.01%)
  4. Good chemical resistance
  5. High vibration absorption
  6. Anti-adhesive and non-toxic