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Nylon Rods in Tanzania

Extruded Polyamide

Polyamides, also commonly known as nylon, can be processed by extrusion and denoted by the suffix ‘E’. It is also available in MOS2 filled grade which has a higher degree of crystallinity.

Extruded polyamides are divided into 3 basic types, PA6, PA66 and PA12, these are produced in small thicknesses and diameters and offer superior dampening properties to casting grades.

Polyamide PA6 is a standard multi purpose grade which offers a good combination of Mechanical stability, Impact resistance and Dampening, but much lower resistance to casting grade.

Applications – Parts that are subject to shock and impact, Hammerheads, Gears, Wheels, etc.

Polyamide PA66 is harder than PA6 and is more resistant to wear, but has lesser impact resistance.

Application – Friction bearings, Sliding parts, etc.

Polyamide PA12 has very low water absorption, It is tough, has good dimensional stability and has good impact behaviour. It is 3 to 4 times more expensive than PA6.

Cast Polyamide

This grade is processed by casting and is denoted by the suffix ‘G’. These are produced for higher thicknesses and larger diameters.

This grade exhibits high Mechanical strength, Stiffness, Heat, Impact strength, Creep resistance and wear resistance.

Polyamide PA6G is a standard cast grade for components in machine and equipment designs that are subject to wear.


Polyamide PA6G+Oil is an oil filled grade which offers superior self lubricating properties which improves wear resistance.


Polyamide PA6G+MOS2 is essentially similar to standard quality but has a higher degree of crystallinity due to molybdenum sulphite content.


The main benefits of using PA are

  1. High Mechanical strength, Hardness, Rigidity and Toughness
  2. High mechanical dampening properties
  3. Good fatigue resistance
  4. High wear resistance
  5. Good sliding and emergency running properties
  6. Good machining properties
  7. Lower in weight, good vibration and noise absorption
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