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PET Rollers

PET stock shapes produced as semi-crystalline type have a high level of hardness, rigidity and stability with excellent sliding properties and low sliding abrasion. Due toit’s good creep resistance, low level of moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability, The material is ideally suited for complex parts with the highest demands on dimensional stability.

PET can be used at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +110°C. 

PET-GL is the modified type which is especially suitable for highly loaded sliding applications in dry running conditions due to its integrated solid lubricants, which also gives it excellent sliding properties and highest wear resistance when compared to pure PET.

It also prevents the stick slip effect. 

Applications – electronics, ratchet wheels, guide bushes, gears, sliding elements, cam disks, precision bearings, insulators, casing parts etc etc.

The main properties of PET are

  1. High stability, rigidity and hardness
  2. Low moisture absorption
  3. Very good creep resistance
  4. Very little sliding friction and sliding abrasion
  5. Resistance to weak acids and alkaline solutions
  6. Physiologically safe
  7. Resistance to hydrolysis (up to +70°C)